• Goals

    Goal 1: Enhance Community Partnerships

    Promote economic prosperity throughout Watertown and the region with continued communication and networking, enhancement of community projects and development of new programs. Incorporate facets of government, other agencies and non-profit organizations to develop a sense of community ownership.

    Goal 2: Increased Regional Visibility & Marketing

    Gain recognition and exposure through increased visibility in the region. Using collective means of media and community outreach, we will continue to develop a “brand” reflecting excellence and integrity. Develop and implement a strong marketing outreach plan.

    Goal 3: Enhance Communications

    Effectively communicate value to our members to heighten awareness and appreciation of Chamber Programs, activities and objectives that will continue the ensured satisfaction of services and facilitate membership referrals.

    Goal 4: Quality of Life Enhancement

    Continue to promote the highest quality of life and encourage the continued prosperity of our community and region through increased cooperation with private, public, nonprofit sectors, and our regional partners