• Watertown Bucks

    Whether you need gifts for family and friends, or bonuses for your employees, Watertown Bucks are always the perfect size and color. They’re flexible, support the local economy, and will be greatly appreciated!


    Where can I purchase Watertown Bucks?

    Watertown Bucks are available at the Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce located at 1 East Kemp. If you call and place your order ahead of time, we will have it ready for you when you arrive at our office. Please allow 24 hours for orders over $500 and special requests.

    What denominations are available?

    Watertown Bucks always come in denominations of $5 and $10, and are also now available in $25 and $50 denominations throughout the holiday season.

    Where can I spend Watertown Bucks?

    Watertown Bucks can be used at any business that belongs to the Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce. Search our members in the Business Directory.

    Will I get change back if I don't spend the entire certificate?

    Offering change is deteremined by individual store policy.

    How do I accept Watertown Bucks in my place of business?

    When your business receives Watertown Bucks from customers, please ask the customer to sign the back of the certificate on the line provided and accept them like you would a check. Then, endorse the back of the certificates along with your checks and place them with your daily deposit.