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  • Watertown Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

    Join us October 28th at 11:30 am at 2nd Street Station in Watertown for this year’s induction of 3 individuals into the Watertown Hall of Fame. 



    2020 Inductee's:

    Dr. Gerald E. Tracy
    Francis Kick
    Leonard Timmerman

    Dr. Gerald E. Tracy, a physician in Watertown for over 40 years of practice and a leader in many organizations inside and outside of the medical field.  

    Francis Kick, owner of Barkley Mayflower here in Watertown for many years, was extremely generous with his time and equipment as well as financial resources.

    Leonard Timmerman, Director of Lake Area Vocational Technical Institute as it was named then, for 25 years retiring in 1990.  "Tim" (as he was commonly referenced) was a true visionary and very instrumental in where LATC is today. 

    The induction ceremony will be held Friday, October 28th beginning at 11:30 a.m. at 2nd Street Station in Watertown. 

    2022 Inductees will be announced in Early May 2022.


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    Previous inductees into the Watertown Hall of Fame:

    2013: Kenneth B. Way, Burdette Solum, Clark Redlinger, Dean Gackstetter

    2014: Terry Redlin, Irvin Hinderaker, John Calvin

    2015: Thomas Roby

    2016: Ernie Edwards, Joy Nelson, Lew Raderschadt

    2017: Donus Roberts and Joe E. Messer

    2018: Sherwin Linton, Florence Bruhn and Dr. John Stransky

    2019: Herb Jenson, Doug Carpenter, Jim Mahowald, David J Law

    2020: Dr. Gerald E. Tracy, Francis Kick, Leonard Timmerman



    The Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame Committee recently gathered nominations for the Class of 2022.  In order to gain entry into the Watertown Community Hall of Fame, a candidate must receive 7 votes from the 11 voting members.   This year, no candidate in the class of 2022 nominations received the necessary 7 votes to be inducted.
    The Watertown Area Chamber of Commerce will still host the 2020 Watertown Hall of Fame Candidate Induction Ceremony on Friday, October 28, 2022, beginning at 11:30 a.m. at 2nd Street Station. (The original event for the 2020 ceremony was not held due to COVID & inclement weather and therefore has been rescheduled to this year.   
    Nominations for the 2024 Hall of Fame Class are open now until March of 2024.